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Course Descriptions

Four different generations of people sitting together

Understanding the Generations

Introduces the different generations that currently coexist in today's workplace. Participants will engage in multiple activities to help them better identify with different generations and learn practical skills to better support all team members.

Goal; talen, ideas, vision, strategy

Setting Expectations

Applies best practices for continual communication and setting of expectations with employees. Participants will write sample cascading objectives aligning state and agency goals for themselves as well as their employees.

The word growth in red with people shaking hands underneath it

Development Planning

Demonstrates leadership's role and responsibility in recognizing and supporting the growth of each team members' potential. Participants will engage in different activities that help them determine how they can help develop team members while improving the function of the agency at the same time.

The word coach as pictured in a dictionary

Coaching and Feedback

Explores the benefits and qualities of providing effective coaching and feedback. This course provides tools, tips and techniques specific to letting team members know how they are doing in their efforts to meet the expectations of their leadership.

Glasses on a desk near a calculator and words that say, "What Motivates You?"


Enhances the ability of leaders to influence the conditions that allow employees to thrive. Motivation is a popular business topic, particularly when everyone is doing more with less and not seeing the standard compensation adjustments for their efforts. Participants will engage in through provoking conversations and activities, and leave with tips and tricks for improving motivation in their workplace.

Man holding notepad making notes

Documenting Performance

Enhances the effectiveness of documentation from all supervisors throughout the state system. Participants will discuss the pitfalls and benefits to documentation and complete the course with tips and techniques for easy, consistent documentation.

Wooden blocks that spell out fair

Progressive Discipline

Provides guidance on the progressive discipline process including employee property rights and due process under state regulations. Participants will be exposed to a general overview of disciplinary actions utilized by state agencies.

A man holding a tablet with the word "Evaluation" on it

Writing & Delivering Performance Evaluations/I-PERFORM

Discovers the key steps required to make sure the performance evaluation documentation and meeting is delivered, has the desired results and protects the relationship between the supervisor and team member. Templates and organizational structure found in I-PERFORM will be used as the guiding factor for the course.