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Crucial Accountability ®

Do you struggle with holding colleagues and employees accountable to agreed upon expectations and deadlines? Let DHR help you identify and resolve performance gaps with our Crucial Accountability ® course. Classes are open to all state employees, supervisors and administrators alike where valuable skills and tools to approach these difficult, yet critical accountability discussions will be gained.

DHR is currently only offering this two day course in the Boise area. A course fee ($217.00 + Access Idaho online registration fee) is associated with this training to cover costs of training materials provided by Vital Smarts.

2018-2019 Class Schedule



Have You Taken Crucial Conversations?

If you have already taken the two day Crucial Conversations class, there is now a one day Crucial Accountability "Graduate" course for you. Add on to your Crucial skills for only $156 (+ Access Idaho online registrations fee) with a one day Accountability class.

2019 Class Schedule