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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I obtain copies of previous evaluations?
2. How do I edit an evaluation that has already been fully transmitted?
3. Why can't a supervisor see their employee to create a new evaluation?
4. What do I put in a "Failure to Pass Entrance Probation" evaluation?
5. Why isn't the evaluation showing in DHR's Performance Evaluation System (IPOPS)?
6. After clicking "Save" in I-PERFORM, I was taken back to the login screen and lost my work. Why?
7. Why can't I route an eval to a reviewer, instead of only to the employee?

1. Evaluations created in Employee Appraiser are NOT in the I-PERFORM system. To get a copy of evaluations completed in Employee Appraiser, contact HR or Employee Services, as appropriate. If the previous evaluation was completed in I-PERFORM:

  • If the employee and supervisor are still the same (i.e., I supervised Wendy last year and did her eval in I-PERFORM last year) and the PEL hasn't changed, both the employee and supervisor can see it.
  • If the employee has switched positions/PELs (i.e., Lauren reported to Sheryl and Sheryl did her evaluation; Lauren has subsequently promoted and now reports to Bri, and that was also a change in PEL), then the "current" supervisor (Bri) cannot access the most recent evaluation on file, but the employee (Lauren) can. In this example, if Bri wants to see the previous evaluation, then she can either ask Lauren to print it for her, or e-mail the I-PERFORM helpdesk ( and request a copy.
  • If the employee has a new PEL and the same supervisor, the PEL still needs to be updated.
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2. If an evaluation has been fully transmitted and a supervisory needs it back to make edits, this requires SCO (State Controller's Office) to return the evaluation. Please contact the I-PERFORM helpdesk at: The evaluation gets returned to "draft" status, which means the entire evaluation is going to need to be re-routed to the reviewer, employee, etc.
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3. PELS need to be updated often. System Administrators need to do this regularly, especially before supervisors begin entering evaluations. The system can take up to 30-45 minutes to complete the update.
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4. Follow the steps listed in creating a new evaluation. Be sure to do the following:

  • Select the "Does Not Achieve Performance" option.
  • In the Key Responsibilities section, type; "Did not satisfactorily complete entrance probation".
  • In the Performance Summary section, type; "Did not satisfactorily complete entrance probation".
  • Route the evaluation for approval.
  • Have the agency HR contact email the I-PERFORM helpdesk ( to request that the evaluation indicates the employee refused to sign, and to approve the "Does Not Achieves" performance evaluation.
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5. When the employee evaluation is successfully transferred to the agency performance evaluation history data base, the status will reflect "transmitted". This process generally takes 24 hours after the final approval from the supervisor or appointing authority.
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6. The system has timed out. Timeout is a security function of the state system, not a part of I-PERFORM. Be sure to save FREQUENTLY while working in I-PERFORM to avoid loss of work.
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7. There are no other users listed as your reviewers. Contact your agency's I-PERFORM Administrator so they can add names to the reviewer role list. Once this is done, the names will appear in the list box at the top of the screen.
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