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Micro-Learning Modules

Micro-Learning Modules are only available to current State of Idaho employees.

DHR’s Micro-Learning Modules series consist of several 60 minute, “just in time” training courses. Modified from DHR’s three-day Supervisory Academy alongside training on how to supervise teams remotely, this series is the perfect fit for busy supervisors who need quick and meaningful tips on best practices for a variety of supervisory skills. Supervisory Academy graduates can also attend to keep their skills current and review redesigned modules for a helpful refresher.

*All class times are in Mountain Standard Time.

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NEW! Micro-Learning Modules for Supervising Remote Teams

Setting Expectations

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Course Description

The Setting Expectations course will outline the importance and impact of setting expectations in the workplace.  Participants will learn how to create relevant goals that connect to the State level and how to deliver expectations effectively.  Best practices will be supported through Idaho Personnel Commission case review discussion.


Course Description

Coaching is an essential leadership skill.  In this micro-learning module, you will learn how to support and strengthen employees in their performance.  This session will include a guideline to plan, implement, and document a coaching session.

Providing Feedback

Course Description

How can we deliver feedback so it will be heard, accepted, and sets the stage to initiate improvement? In this DHR micro-module learn how to offer and solicit feedback to strengthen relationships, improve performance, and recognize good work.  Sign up to learn the feedback formula!


Course Description

The Motivation course is designed to help participants identify and enhance motivation in the workplace.  Participants will learn motivation theories and how leadership styles influence motivation and engagement.  Participants will discuss methods and options to incorporate into the workplace increasing engagement, morale, and productivity.


Course Description

Documenting Performance is designed to provide participants the skill to document effectively.  Participants will learn a simple process to follow and understand its importance in supporting evaluations and preventing legal claims.  Case review and sample activities will give participants a hands-on learning experience to effective documentation.

Progressive Discipline

Course Description

Performance management isn’t a one size fits all practice and requires thoughtful consideration for each situation. During the Progressive Discipline module, review the numerous options available when working with an employee on improving performance. Progressive discipline is about helping the employee learn and grow, not about punishment.

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Performance Evaluations

Course Description

Performance evaluations are the most important feedback tool a supervisor has. They should be a year long process and deserve our time and energy. During this micro-learning module explore core principles behind not only effectively writing a performance evaluation, but how to deliver one as well.

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