DHR Training Update: July 2022


The DHR training schedule is now posted through the end of Fiscal Year 2023! Please share this information with others at your agency and encourage them to participate in upcoming classes.


Register now for DHR’s quarterly micro-learning modules! These 60-minute webinars are a great introduction for those who have not had a chance to attend one of our full-day courses and an excellent refresher for staff who have completed courses with DHR before. Micro-learning modules are available for free to all State of Idaho employees!

  • Accountability: Setting expectations lays the groundwork for everything we accomplish in the workplace. New office environments and remote teams can make it even more of a challenge to hold employees accountable. During this micro-learning module, we will identify ways to effectively communicate expectations, hold everyone accountable, and strengthen work relationships.
  • Motivation: Discover how to identify and enhance motivation in the workplace.  Participants will learn motivation theories and how leadership styles influence motivation and engagement.  Participants will discuss methods and options to incorporate into the workplace increasing engagement, morale, and productivity.
  • Performance Evaluations: Performance evaluations are the most important feedback tool a supervisor has. They should be a year-long process and deserve our time and energy. This micro-learning module explores core principles behind not only effectively writing a performance evaluation, but how to deliver one as well.
  • Providing Feedback: How can we deliver feedback so it will be heard, accepted, and sets the stage to initiate improvement? In this DHR micro-module learn how to offer and solicit feedback to strengthen relationships, improve performance, and recognize good work.  Sign up to learn the feedback formula!
  • Leaders in Motion: Change the way you think about employee wellness! Participants will learn simple strategies to help employees prevent burnout and create positive shifts in workplace culture. Leaders in Motion is designed to empower participants to weave well-being into the status quo and start a wellness movement within their agency.
Supervisory Academy

Supervisory Academy is a 3-day training that covers best practices for supervising a team of employees. Supervisory Academy is provided by DHR at no cost to state employees! See dates, times, and registration information.

Crucial Conversations® for Mastering Dialogue

Crucial Conversations® for Mastering Dialogue is a 2-day course that teaches nine powerful skills for working through disagreement to achieve better results. See dates, times, and registration information.

Crucial Conversations® for Accountability

Crucial Conversations® for Accountability is a 2-day course that will help you identify and resolve performance gaps to hold anyone accountable, no matter their power, position, or authority. See dates, times, and registration information.