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Create a New Evaluation

  1. After logging into I-PERFORM and choosing Performance Evaluation from the main menu, select the correct Management Location from the list.
  2. Select the Name of the Employee for whom you wish to create the evaluation.
  3. The box below the employee name will auto populate with their I-PERFORM evaluation history. If no evaluation has been created in I-PERFORM, no history will be listed.
  4. Click on Create Evaluation at the top of the screen.
  5. Most of the employee information will prefill; verify accuracy. This page is the Performance Cover Sheet Tab.
  6. Complete the field for Division/Unit.
  7. Enter the From and To Dates for this evaluation period. Note: The dates and type of review are required before the evaluation can be routed. Check with your agency HR Representative if you are unsure of the review period dates. The dates must be formatted exactly as pictured. You may click on the links to choose dates from the calendar.
  8. Select the appropriate Type of Review.
  9. After completing the evaluation reflect on all comments and ratings to determine and select the Overall Rating. You will come back to this screen after completing the Performance Summary.
  10. SAVE before moving to the next tab.
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